This Is Where I Come In...

Helping you build the confidence needed to succeed

Life coaching and mentoring can be a very positive experience. Do you feel or perhaps see, that you have a problem you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with at the moment?

Working one-to-one, we figure out why you feel you need support from a life coach and explore what it is you are wanting to achieve.

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Who Do I Work With?


As someone who as worked as registered nurse/mentor for 35yrs, I understand the challenges & stresses you face today.

I can offer you,both, an understanding and independent ear to truly listen. We can work together.

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As women we have certain” expectations” society has put upon us, as well as pressure we put on ourselves everyday.

Becoming overworked/overwhelmed etc are very common feelings for us to experience and if we dont deal with these feelings, they can lead to more physical & emotional ailments.

Lets see if we can help ease these feelings together.

Come have a “cuppa” and a chat, let me listen to you and try to help.

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As a mother & stepmother, I have already navigated lots of tricky situations over the years and I’m glad to say we have all survived.

So many issues can weigh on your mind as a young person and I understand the pressures you are under.

You, in fact, all of us need someone to talk to without the thought of being judged.

Let me be your person to chat to.

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